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Analyzing Himalayan peaks and first ascents

In this series of posts, we will analyze climbing expeditions to the Himalayas, a mountain range comprising over 50 mountains, including Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. This is Part 1 of a two-part series: Part 1 (this post) looks at Himalayan peaks and their first ascents Part 2 looks at how dangerous it is to climb Everest This post will focus on getting an overview of the Himalayan peaks, especially their height, whether they’ve been summitted, and (if it applies) when the first ascent was and who was involved.

What are New York's best and worst pizza restaurants?

In this post, I analyze the Pizza Party dataset from TidyTuesday, a project that shares a new dataset each week to give R users a way to apply and practice their skills. This week’s data is about survey ratings of New York pizza restaurants. Setup First, let’s load the tidyverse, change our default ggplot2 theme, and load the data. (I named the dataframe pizza_barstool_raw because I’ll probably add some cleaning steps and I like to have the original data on hand.